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The author is a degreed Mechanical Engineer, specializing in Machine Design.  He has been a car nut since age 3.  In high school, he repaired and replaced auto interiors, including seats, panels, tops, and carpets, and he worked in a multilevel downtown parking lot as valet, driving over 100 cars per day.  Also, during that time, he submitted three designs to auto manufacturers.


While in college, he drove trucks (hauling paper, construction materials, large pressure vessels [tanks], and industrial chemicals), taught driving, raced autocross, and tested tires.


Entering the US Air Force after college, he flew piston prop, jet prop, jet, and supersonic jet aircraft with one, two, and four engines.  Most of his flying time was either in combat or special operations.  In addition, he was the official base motorcycle riding instructor.  He later ran an Aircraft Munitions and Maintenance operation on 50 aircraft (3 types) for the Air Force and another Aircraft Munitions operation for the Air National Guard.


As a civilian mechanical engineer, he rented a different car each week for several years as Southern US Regional Manager and, also, loaded and downloaded heavy equipment with fork lift trucks.


He has literally driven nearly every type of vehicle that floats, rolls, or flies, including a high percentage of the cars and trucks made since 1950.


He has driven well over 3 million miles in 48 states and 14 foreign countries, owned over 25 cars (had a collection of 1960s muscle cars), 5 motorcycles, and 5 boats, and restored 4 cars, 2 boats, and 1 antique motorcycle.  He has consulted for people for over 30 years on vehicles, normally consulting on around six vehicles per year for individual consumers.


This website is his attempt to write down what he has learned in over 50 years of study.  It is written as a service, not as an advertizement.  The author is not affiliated in any way with any new vehicle manufacturer or dealer, government agency, website, or any other entity that deals with the sale or lease of new vehicles, nor is he paid in any way by any of these entities.